music is my world

How does one learn to become a good DJ?

The following are all helpful:

  • Develop a love for music, listen to as much as you can
  • Get yourself some DJ equipment to practice, practice, practice
  • Listen to lots of mixes from your favorite DJs, study the way they pace their sets, observe how they change the mood over time, etc.
  • Go out to clubs and watch great DJs in person – things are very different in a live setting on a big system, take note of how the room responds
  • Keep listening to more music and practicing, record your sets and listen back to them

The biggest misconception many people hold about DJing is that it is primarily a technical skill, i.e. that learning how to beatmatch, mix, and apply effects are the trickiest or most important parts.

In reality, DJing is mostly about knowing a ton of music inside out and being able to understand how to stitch it all together into a set that is properly paced and has a sense of direction. You do need a basic level of competence on the technical fronts, but only enough to avoid making mistakes that distract the audience from the music


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